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How Medicare Works

As a licensed Agent, it's not only my passion but a requirement to educate you on how your Medicare Insurance works. Learn the two parts of Medicare (A & B) and how to get started.  Explain the difference between Medicare Supplement (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage (Part C). Understanding how your benefits work, what your cost share is and  making sense of Enrollment periods.

Part D of Medicare

Understanding your Part D, helps eliminate any "Surprise!" at the Pharmacy.  Learn how your Prescription Drug Coverage works and the rules. Understand the Late Enrollment Penalty. 

The Two Types

A Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap) and a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) - The two types of Insurance that help with our Medicare costs. Understanding the difference between these two types is the key to making your choices easier.

Part C of Medicare

It starts with your priorities - what's important to you!  Most of us want to keep our Doctors, Specialists and Hospital.  Most of us want Routine Vision, Hearing and Dental, - All of us want it at the least cost.  Matching your needs with your priorities gives you that control.

Client for Life!

There is never any obligation in utilizing our services. There is never a cost to you. In processing your enrollment, the Insurance Company pays a regulated Commission, which is how we earn a living.  As your Agent, I work for you!  I am available year round to take your call - A trusted Resource.  Updates throughout the year and Annual Reviews.

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