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“I really dreaded having to sign up for Medicare, earlier this year.  It seemed overwhelmingly daunting to make an informed decision with so many variables to choose from. Thankfully, my husband is a little older and had been referred to Tamra by his older brother. She walked him through the process, and he’s been happy with his coverage. Tamra was easy to work with and made it a pleasure, instead of a chore. Her sincere, caring nature and expertise helped me narrow down the possibilities and make an informed decision.  I just reenrolled for next year and, with Tamra’s knowledgeable guidance, will be enjoying additional savings with enhanced benefits for 2021. Thank you, Tamra”!  -Peggy

“Tamra Loosemore is a great agent.  She is always helpful and full of knowledge.  She stays in touch regularly during the time of finding a new insurance or keeping the one we have at the time.  I recommend her highly”.  -Annemarie 

“Tamra is a lifesaver. My carrier stopped covering a needed expensive prescription. Tamra found me a carrier that will cover it and my copay will be less. She will find you the best carrier for your needs each year. So glad we were referred to her.” -Nancy

“She relieves the confusion of so many choices by breaking down the differences and benefits of each for me personally”! -Carolyn

“Working with Tamra on the Best Insurance Options has been such a “stress” release. She is knowledgeable and always customer focused. I’m So grateful for her help”!!!  -Judy

“Tamra truly cares about each person she helps to get the Medicare plan that is best for them. She spends all the time it takes to help you understand all the questions that you have and so you can make the best choice to fit your health needs. She has been a great help and comfort to me. Her goal is to do all of that and at the lowest cost. I give her name to everyone I know that is in need of a Medicare plan. I highly recommend her!!  She gets 5 stars from me”.  -Rick


“Tamra is so helpful and honest. She looks into each and every detail to make sure your insurance is a good fit for your individual needs”. -Sandie


“When I needed to research Social Security and the whole Medicare Insurance Avenue, Tamra was suggested to me, and I was so impressed in her dedication and detail in putting together a plan that would work for me. She was a good listener, and was patient with me and all my crazy questions as this took place during the beginning of COVID-19. So, all the more need of a voice of reason. She put together a plan that is exactly what I was looking for and I will be using her this year for 2021 plans. I appreciate her truth and no pressure way of assisting me. I would and have recommended her to others and they too have been very happy with her results”. 

“We have been working with Tamra for several years.  She is a joy to work with, knowledgeable, kind and works hard to find the best program that will fit our needs.  She responds in a very timely manner to address any concerns/questions.  She runs comparisons just to make sure that our program is the best one for us and reviews all information with us in layman's terms. She is the best!”  -Ken and Cheryl